Tuesday, November 2, 2010

World Series 2010 Champs

Words cannot even express how I feel right now. My city is electric! Fans are raging all over the streets. Complete strangers are embracing each other with tears in their eyes and champagne bottles spraying all over the place. Without question, this is an unforgettable moment, a bonding experience for all of San Francisco.

After 52 years of waiting and putting up with this so called "torture"...here we are, World Series champs! Having been a life long fan and a supporter through the more difficult times, it makes me smile to see everyone around me representing the orange and black. The Giants have really earned this one, and I plan on holding onto this moment wholeheartedly for as long as the after-party continues-- which no doubt will be all winter long!

I love this guy. Now that's a true fan.

Giants players reaction to winning the World Series. (Property of Fox 2, Cox Enterprises)

Celebrating on the mound

Big time Timmy Jim's World Series trophy

Edgar Renteria, MVP with a 3 run home run to win the game

Fans celebrating at Brickyard on Union Street.

My camera broke (temporarily), but I still managed to get a picture of the champagne celebration at Brickyard. I love it!

Partying in the street after the win.

Aaaand this is the street I live on. Definitely didn't get any sleep that night!

I randomly found Andrew and Kellan dancing on top of a parked Muni. Classic.

Fans taking over the city.

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