Friday, October 29, 2010

A Wedding in Scottsdale

Last weekend Derek and I flew out to my old stomping grounds in Arizona for my friend Sara's wedding. It was such a nostalgic trip for me. I miss Arizona in the Fall, when the outdoor temperature is absolutely perfect. And I miss all my friends that still live there, whom if I'm lucky I'll see once a year.

I moved back to San Francisco right as Sara was going on her first couple dates with (now husband) Cole. Since then I've come to visit a handful of times and gotten to know Cole and Sara together, and they are such a fun couple. It's so hard having great friends who live far away! I had such a blast at the wedding and it was awesome getting to re-unite with some of my college buddies. The reception got a little out of hand after dinner towards the end, but when doesn't that happen?

All in all, it was a fabulous trip. And I won't even complain about how ridiculously HUNG OVER I was on the plane ride home. (I've blocked that part out of my memory).

Natalie and I outside the Scottsdale Resort.

The Bride-to-be and I outside Grimaldi's

Wow, Sara has some hot friends ;)

Derek and I at Grimaldi's in Scottsdale for the rehearsal dinner

Cole got this cake made for Sara, it has their dog Sophie's face on it!

Wildcat Rarrrrrr

The cutest little ring bearer I've ever seen.

Here comes the bride! Absolutely stunning.

Walking up to her husband-to-be

The beautiful bridal party

Derek and I outside of the reception

Sara killin it on the dance floor ;)

Cole and Derek at the reception

Natalie and Whitney starting the party train

Derek and I clearly having a GREAT time.

Bride and Groom cutting the cake

Sara forcing cake down Cole's throat.

Delta Gamma reunion

Sara and I after the reception.

Bride and groom. They are so happy!

Solo dance moves

More solo dance moves...

Table 14. The party table, duh.

Dancing to "stanky leg." Such an absurd song.

Sara's ring. So sparkly!!

All the guys flocked together singing by the piano man? Hmm...this must have been taken towards the end of the night.

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