Friday, March 4, 2011

local handmade jewelry

I'm absolutely in love with handmade jewelry. I occasionally harass my friends Cheryl and Tyler (both are amazing jewelry artists) to make me something pretty to wear. Cher has a talent for wrap bracelets and hoops. Tyler makes beautiful rings and dangle earrings. I have no idea how they became such good jewelry makers but I must find out how to follow in their footsteps!

I recently discovered a fabulous local San Francisco jewelry designer, Natasha Grasso. She creates many unique handmade pieces using fine silver, 14k gold and semi precious stones. A lot of her designs are influenced by San Francisco and the trendy South Beach neighborhood she works out of. Not only are her pieces gorgeous, they are affordable! You can find some of her classic designs on Etsy.

Photos courtesy of Natasha Grasso and Etsy.

1). Gold Organic Duet Necklace $55.00
2). Sterling Silver Wide Band $85.00
3). Gold Ink Organic Link Bracelet $210.00
4). Two Tone Love Knot Earrings $60.00
5). Bit of Luck Necklace $44.00
6). Pure Silver Pebble Stud Earrings $50.00

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