Monday, March 7, 2011

thirteen rounds of boonville

If you're from the Bay Area and a fan of beer then you're probably familiar with the Anderson Valley Boont Brewing Co. Although I don't have much of a palette for beer (I'm definitely more of a wine drinker), I do know that Boont makes some of the best I.P.A and Amber Ale's this country has to offer!

I stopped by the birthplace of Boont while en route to Mendocino with Derek this past weekend. We showed up at 11:30 in the morning and surprisingly had the entire Brew house to ourselves. Derek ordered a 13 beer sampler (the maximum number available) which I thought was a little aggressive, but was convinced we shouldn't miss out on trying all that Boont has to offer. I had expected the beer to come out in portions the size of shot glasses but they were actually about four times that amount! As soon as I saw our platter of beer samplers, I knew we'd be sticking around for a while...

Thirteen mini-rounds later, we had the alcohol inspired idea to try a game of Frisbee golf. I had time to kill before driving again so might as well. Boont Brew Co. has several acre's of land and turned part of their site into an 18-hole Frisbee golf course. It was actually really fun trying to remember how to throw a Frisbee. We were never able to throw it in the exact direction we intended to, but that's half the reason the game was so entertaining. Highlight of the Day: Derek throwing a Frisbee into a tree and trying to get it down with his second Frisbee when that one, too, gets stuck in the tree. Classic.

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