Monday, October 4, 2010

We are the Champions my friend

After two rough days of the worst fan torture EVER, the SF Giants finally won game 3 against the Padres which solidified their seat in the play-offs. I've been waiting for this moment for 8 years! The Giants are the only sports team I've ever had an unconditional love for, and I'm soooo excited that they won the NL West Division this year. And now they have the opportunity to win it all. Three days to prepare for Game 1 versus the Braves. Keeping my fingers crossed...

Buster Posey and Brian Wilson celebrating the 3-0 win over the Padres.

Rushing the field at the end of the game

Best fans in the world ;)

Giants reaction to winning the NL West Division Championship

Uribe and Sandoval celebrating the final out in the 6th inning

Team victory lap around the field

Manager Bruce Bochy greeting fans. (This is probably the only time I've seem him look happy).

Post-game champagne shower

I'm lovin the Bud light/champagne combo in this photo. Aubrey Huff knows how to do it right.

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