Friday, October 29, 2010

World Series never felt so GREAT!

I am in love with San Francisco right now, more than I've ever been before. There is so much excitement, so much pride, so much happiness. I can hardly sleep at night because of my intense anticipation for the next game. Every where I go in this city I see bright orange lights, Giants banners hanging out shop windows and black and orange balloons dangling from the ceilings. Even the local Safeway is decked out with NCLS Champion t-shirts and 'Fear the Beard' poster boards. This is amazing for San Francisco. I've grown up loving and supporting the Giants, despite the fact they've never won a World Series, or even been recognized by the media. So many Sports Networks (ahem...I'm pointing at you ESPN and Fox) still haven't legitimately given our team the credit they deserve. But who cares. We have the athletic talent, the hyped up fans, the motivation. I believe that San Francisco WILL win the World god damn Series. And I am going to be a part of that epic celebration. FACT.

A fellow blogger could not have said it better:
"I love sports for this reason. Every now and then, everyone just stops being so damn frumpy and acts like our city is just a big college. You ever been to a college town that really loves their team a scary amount? Like, Ray Finkel’s Mom amounts? It’s great. You know why? Because everyone is just actually nice to each other. You have a common bond. And whether or not it’s a bond that is contingent upon a guy throwing a ball or waving a wooden stick, it’s an awesome bond."

WORLD SERIES 2010. I guess I can cross this off my list of things to do before I die.

Nosebleed of the nosebleed seats. We were in the very last row. Don't turn around!

Tony Bennett on the jumbo tron singing, "I left my heart in San Francisco"

This kid (Dre) started a huge rally chant in our section. He was singing 'Let's Go Giants'...probably the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Griffin sandwich. Me, Mark and Noah happened to be in the same line before the game.

Getting ready to enter the park for WORLD SERIES GAME 1 vs the Texas Rangers!!!

Boats taking over McCovey Cove by the stadium. Everyone wants a piece of the World Series!

Post World Series game 1 victory celebration outside AT&T Park.

I could just hang outside the stadium and party all night...

Giants fans goin nuts after Edgar Renteria hits a home run in Game 3 vs the Phills.

Derek's a little concerned about the Giants right now.

View of the field during Giants/Phillies Game 3

Fox camera man taking a break. Is it weird that I took a picture of this? haha

Phillies batting practice before Game 5. Booooooo!

Classic Wilson. I love it!

Gavin Newsom (Mayor of San Francisco) shaking hands with one of the Giants owners.

Three more hacks. It's Pat Burrell.

Buster Posey gettin ready to tear it up, as usual.

Lou Seal throwing peanuts to the crowd.

View from my dad's seats at Game 5 vs the Phillies. Amazing isn't it?

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