Friday, June 10, 2011

2 years for U2

Have you ever bought tickets to an event 2 years in advance? It seems crazy. But that's what thousands of fans [unintentionally] did when they purchased tickets to the U2 360 Tour in 2009. The rock band had to cancel their summer tour at the last minute due to Bono's emergency back surgery. On the up side, Bono would recover within 8 weeks, but on the down side the 2010 concert would be postponed for a whole year! So, you can imagine people who'd been patiently awaiting the show would be quite disappointed. Literally two years after tickets went on sale...the biggest full size stadium performance has finally arrived!

And it was definitely worth the wait.

People waited in line at noon (8 hours before the show) to get standing room!

Lenny Kravitz opening for U2

U2's grand entrance to the stage

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