Tuesday, June 7, 2011

prankster pop

What's the most uniquely awesome way to embarrass the hell out of your child on his first day of school? Or EVERY day of school at that? Try dressing up in ridiculous costumes day after day and waving out in front of the house as the kids school bus goes by. I think Dale Price officially wins "Father of the Year" award...what a great prank! The best part is that he dressed up in 180 different outlandish costumes and managed only to spend $50 by borrowing and recycling outfits. The first day might have been horrifying for his son but by now he's surely the most popular kid in class. Talk about a great way to get the youngsters pumped up to go to school! What's dad going to wear next year?!

You can check out all the costumes on the family's blog.

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