Thursday, June 23, 2011

fathers day piñata

Father's Day kicked off a little differently this year. Instead of showering dad with a series of gifts, we (the rest of the family) were actually showered, literally, with a series of gifts...

Word of advice: Don't underestimate the distance in which to stand beside a piñata - or for that matter a 6+ foot tall man swinging a bat as hard as he can at a hanging object.

My dad definitely did not hold back in smacking this thing to pieces. The contents of this years "Fathers Day Piñata" flew in all sorts of directions. I'm pretty sure I took a plastic duck in the eye ball after that piñata went down. But the end resulted in mardi gras beads, mini shots of whiskey and vodka, margarita mix, cigars, bubble gum, chocolate and fake money. Now that's what I call a piñata!

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