Friday, January 28, 2011

the buck & 25 lusk

I've been out of commission this whole week due to another sick bug I contracted. It must have come from work (it's been going around) or maybe from partying too hard, which my body just isn't used to doing these days. I did it up big over the weekend in celebration of Mark's birthday and Girls Night Out @ 25 Lusk. Luckily its Friday and I'm finally starting to feel a lot better. I'm sure this weekend will consist of a lot of sleeping and laziness...

Here's a recap from last weekend:

Playing in Nicole's bedroom mirror.
Creepy clown wall behind the bar @ Buckshot.
Mike, Raj & Tyler at Buckshot.
The bday kid!
Happy Hans!
Outside 25 Lusk
Jen, Whit and I at the bar.
Laura and Cher
Busy bartender @ 25 Lusk
"These drinks are fabulous!"
Laura & Jen
All the (not single) ladies ;)
Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots...
Cheers to our new NFL friends
Crack faces
Laura said something funny again.
Whit, Laura, Cher & Jen @ 25 Lusk

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