Thursday, January 20, 2011

mirror for a dishwasher

I woke up the other morning to find that some jerk bashed my passenger mirror into pieces over night. The glass was shattered all over my hood and the entire mirror was hanging on by a thin electrical wire. Seriously, who does that?! I will never know- nor will I understand the point in vandalizing other peoples property, ever. What are you gonna do...these things happen when you live in the city- especially right by places like Circa.

As I was sulking in my misery and complaining about how inconvenient the repairs will be, I noticed something very odd on the side of the street. A brand new dishwasher up for grabs. Um, super random? A man was moving out of his apartment and no longer needed his portable dishwasher- an item Derek and I have been dying to purchase but hadn't due to the $300-500 price tag. This totally awesome discovery turned my frown right upside down. I know it might sound sad that I am so ecstatic over a portable dishwasher. Try hand-washing dishes for many years and you'll understand. Essentially my car repairs are paying for this portable dishwasher. So, I guess things really aren't all that bad after all ;)

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