Monday, January 17, 2011

dunker of the century

I never would have thought that waiting until the last minute to buy tickets to an event would score some of the best seats in the house! It's risky but it worked for Derek and I this past Friday when we decided to go to the Warriors/Clippers game an hour before it started. We found an awesome pair of tickets at 1/2 price on Craigslist just minutes before and sat in the 7th row. Up close and personal with Blake Griffin. Neither of us are huge NBA fan's but Derek was not about to pass up the opportunity to watch Blake Griffin live in action- (he's an Oklahoma alum, of course).

Derek has sat me down and made me watch YouTube highlights of Blake Griffin's slam dunks, so I was fully prepped on what I was about to witness. Now that I think of it, I'm pretty well educated when it comes to sports players affiliated with Oklahoma these days. It's called OU Sports Edition 101. I've passed Derek's classes on Sam Bradford, DeMarco Murray, Blake Griffin, Marcus Dupree, Landry Jones, Adrian Peterson, Ryan Broyles. I could go on but I'll spare you...

Blake Griffin definitely did not disappoint in his performance. Basketball suddenly seems more interesting to watch live when there's a beast running around on the court jumping and dunking over other professional athletes. And he's only 21. I wish I was his age and signing contracts worth $60 million.

My masterpiece.

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