Tuesday, January 11, 2011

suburban relaxation

The Ducks have left the Bay, and the Wildcat is here to stay! On Saturday the fam headed out to Arizona for the long weekend to attend the BCS Championship Bowl game- Oregon vs. Auburn. Meanwhile I stayed behind and watched over Wyatt and my parents house in Marin. Over the course of the weekend I couldn't help but laugh at the circumstances I was in. At one point I was on a walk picking up after Wyatt's (let's just say) "dinner" and I received a text message from one of my sisters reading, "It's Margarita time!!" with a picture of the fam at a Scottsdale Resort sipping margaritas -- and wearing nothing but t-shirts I might add. And there I was, picking up Wyatt's dump in the freezing cold and walking him back to Cornell Ave, you know, back to the house with the giant OREGON flag out in front of it? I felt conflicted with tears, jealousy and laughter at the same time. It really was quite hysterical. Since I know my family is probably reading this, I should say: no hard feelings on leaving me behind. I probably would never have agreed to go to the Oregon game anyway, ha!

Overall, I was relieved to take a break from the city and stretch out my legs for the weekend. Derek and I often feel like we live in a cardboard box in San Francisco. That is to say, a cardboard box we pay almost $2K per month for. I love the city but I do appreciate suburban life to a whole new degree now. More space, no parking stress, crowds, laundromats, loud noises in the middle of the night. It's nice to take a break every now and then. Luckily I have that opportunity here.

View of the Creek off the bike path in Larkspur
Wyatt's favorite part of the day.

The Margarita text message.

Tailgating before the game. Looks like Christmas morning for Mark.
A gloomy and freeeezing day for a walk.
Derek's a better disciplined dog-walker than I am.
Derek trying to explain the game of "Canasta" while Adam, Arin and I stare at our cards with blank expressions.
Serious card players right here!

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