Wednesday, February 9, 2011

alameda antique faire

On Sunday Derek and I woke up at 6:30am and drove over to Alameda to check out the Antiques Faire. We're moving to Noe Valley in less than a week now and are in desperate need of some new furniture. I had originally heard about the Faire from my friend Jen who's gone a few times with her dad to scope the furniture collections. The Faire takes places only once a month on the first Sunday of the month. I had to wait two whole months to be able to make it this time! 

We arrived at 7:30am on the dot and each paid a $10 entry fee to get in. The Faire starts at 6am and the earlier you go, the higher the entry fee (since you get first dibs on all the antiques). Derek and I found the most amazing army green wardrobe Armoire- perfect for our bedroom. We asked the seller how much and were surprised as she blurted out: $75. We looked at each other and mouthed, "did she just say $75? Or $7,500?" I was absolutely shocked that a piece of vintage furniture in such great condition would be so cheap. We instantly bought the piece and I could tell by the end of the day the seller and her husband regretted offering the Armoire for only $75. As we came to pick it up they said, "we've gotten 10 more offers on that Armoire since you left. You could probably re-sell it on your way out..." They looked irritated. Oh well. That just goes to show it pays to get there early and make a bargain before the crowds show up. We'll definitely be going back again next month to search for more vintage home d├ęcor

This is only the first row (Lot A) of the Faire. It goes all the way through Z!
I love all these little vintage decorations.
View of the Alameda Antique Faire
Beaded jewelry. This reminds me of Tyler!
Antique models. This reminds me of Laura!
Keep Calm and Carry On. This reminds me of Cher!
Our new Armoire in our new bedroom.
Really? Twine? Like that's supposed to help keep a giant piece of furniture from falling off my car roof at 65 mph?


  1. Whoever would drive at 65MPH with bulky furniture strapped to their vehicle roof gets what they deserve :P

  2. woww thanks so much for posting this!! i've actually attended the Alameda Vintage Faire and have been super intrigued now to visit their Antique Faire!! definitely will, thx again for sharing! :)

    <3, Kathleen.