Friday, February 25, 2011

that is such a samantha thing to say...

It's been a while since we've had an exclusive girls night gathering for dinner and drinks. Although I love my weekly evenings with the other half, its nice to hang around all girls for a change. Derek once asked me, "what do you girls talk about when you get together?" It made me laugh when he asked me with such curiosity. "I will never tell you...!"

Honestly, it's not like we have really deep/serious conversations every time we get together. I joke about how our girls nights are usually pretty similar to a cheesy episode of Sex and the City. We sit around with our bottomless glasses of wine and catch up on what we've all been up to since we saw each other last- relationships, travel, work, a lot of harmless gossip. We never talk about sports, which is likely 90% of the type of the banter Derek has with his clan. SATC would not have been as popular of a show with the gays and the ladies if all they did was talk about sports. It's all about the fashion, the men and the gossip ;)

Mason wine jars + appetizers...and is that Jen taking a nap in the corner?

Arin wearing men's pants. Don't ask.

Cher & Lee's cute and colorful home.

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