Wednesday, February 2, 2011


In celebration of Lee's birthday (age shall remain anonymous), we hosted a little get together at a hotel bar called Swank. I had never been to Swank before and it was actually a really unique place. The atmosphere is dark but comfortable and there are plenty of comfy couches and chairs where you can post up and sip a martini. The bartender played old classic movies in the background, mostly Elizabeth Taylor films, which I thought was cute.

Best part of all, how often is it that you find a bar that's not insanely packed on a Friday night? This place had just the right crowd and atmosphere. We could casually drink and not worry about getting up to use the bathroom and losing our seats. While the drinks are not necessarily on the cheap side, the bartender was very generous with his alcohol portions (which we love) and the gimlet's were amazing. I'll definitely be going back to this place again sometime.

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