Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'll take Justin Bieber's meat bikini for 200 please

Last night I went to 'trivia night' at The Bitter End bar/restaurant in San Francisco. My work crew from Glam Media joined- there were about 10 of us crowded around a table for 4. Trivia is hosted there every Tuesday at 9pm, and I didn't realize before how intense some of these trivia-goers can be! They arrive 2-3 hours early to reserve seats, mostly by throwing purses or sweatshirts on tables and then leaving (which I think is SUPER obnoxious). Luckily we managed to squeeze everyone around our tiny table.

What's always fun about trivia at The Bitter End is the 'team name' competition. The winner of the best team name gets a free round of drinks. After several ridiculous suggestions we eventually decided to go with, "I'll take Justin Bieber's Meat Bikini for 200 please." Overall, pretty random. Saying that team name out loud really makes one think twice, which is exactly what we were going for. Unfortunately we ended up losing- I think we got 4th place. Don't ask me the name's of the top 3 teams, because they are definitely not blog appropriate.

Here's a preview of the 'face' round we had at trivia night. Can you name all these faces below?

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