Sunday, September 12, 2010

Two jars of wine to go, please!

My friend Cher and I have been talking about seeing the movie Going the Distance, for a couple weeks now and this past Friday the two of us went to see it. Of course, there's nothing better than seeing a movie with a gigantic bag of popcorn, milk duds and a glass of wine. Or in our case, a couple of jars of wine! I wish all movie theater's served wine like the Kabuki in SF, but we made do without the bar this time. I need to get myself a couple of jars like these so I can bring them to the theater with me all the time!

Opening a bottle of wine is an act
of optimism. We’re confident it will
improve the moment, the conversation,
the relationships. Each time we pull a cork,
it’s as if we’re saying, 'Here, I think this
will help make things a little better.'

- Joseph Mills, Wine’s Beautiful Illusions

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