Monday, September 20, 2010

Take 'em to the Brickyard

I was never a huge football fan, but I guess you could say I've been 'warming up' to the sport in recent years. (You can thank my Oklahoma football obsessed boyfriend for that). This has been an interesting start to the football season for me. I joined my first fantasy league with all girls- which is sort of a joke because none of us know anything about the NFL! And for the first time in years, my struggling Arizona Wildcats have made it on the map. It's about time, seriously.

This past Saturday was the much anticipated Arizona v. Iowa game, and a few of us went to Brickyard to watch it all together. Ohhh how I love making college football an excuse to bring us all together :) What an awesome game!

Arizona alum crowding around the TV

Laura and I at Brickyard

Scott & Smyth came out from Walnut Creek to watch the game in SF

Nicole & Whit at Brickyard

Celebrating the victory over Iowa, 34-27! Whiskey shot anyone?

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