Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sunny in the City

Record breaking high temperatures in the Bay Area this week! These last couple days I've been dyyyying to have air conditioning in my apartment. San Francisco is definitely not used to this kind of heat, but its actually kinda nice to be able to go outside in nothing but shorts and a t-shirt at the end of September. I feel like I'm re-living my Arizona days! Finally we're experiencing a bit of summer that failed to RSVP this year...

After two long weeks, Derek returned from Rochester NY on Friday and we decided to spend part of the weekend together up in Marin and out at Baker Beach. Baker was surprisingly not that busy when we arrived in the morning, but by the time we left in the afternoon there was a SWARM of people coming in. We were basically stalked by slow moving cars behind us wanting our spot. It's funny that people in SF (including myself) jump at the opportunity to hit up the beach. I live on the coast where there are plenty of beaches, yet my trip to Baker was only the 2nd time I've gone all year. I think I'm willing to cope with my lack of AC for a little while (emphasis on the "little") in exchange for more hot sunny days like these :)

At the Marin car wash at 8am on Saturday. A special thank you to Derek's jet-lag for waking me up this early on the weekend.

Arriving at Baker Beach in SF

Golden Gate bridge from Baker.

Setting up camp at the beach.

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