Friday, September 17, 2010

Target trumps Marina Safeway

This post is inspired by my recent trip to Target this afternoon. We all have an agenda when we're running errands and there's nothing that I hate more than shopping for things I have no idea where to find, or getting stuck in a crowded mess of people. I literally have a panic attack every time I go to the Safeway in the Marina because its such a cluster...

There are so many reasons why I love Target: it's inexpensive, it's convenient, it's clean, it's never that crowded. The clothing is also amazing. And today I discovered something new and exciting about Target. There is a new Fresh Produce department. As lame and anticlimactic as that sounds, you have no idea how exciting this is! Now I can avoid grocery shopping at the Marina Safeway foreevverrrr!

Target, I love you.

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