Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Codename: Cobra

Last night a bunch of co-workers and I went and played Laser tag out in Mountain View. By no means am I the slightest bit skilled when it comes to shooting fake laser guns, in fact I'm quite surprised that I didn't place dead last. Every time I turn a corner and see someone's laser pack light up in the dark I just scream and run in the opposite direction. It's actually really pathetic. I'm proud to say that I (Codename: Cobra) placed 8th out of 14 this time around.

Side note, I'm somewhat convinced that my boss is involved in some sort of underground laser tag society. He placed 1st last year and still holds his title as #1 this year. I'm out for revenge in 2011. Watch out!

A nice Italian dinner to relax after a rough couple of rounds of Laser tag...

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