Friday, December 17, 2010

The seasonal seven train has departed

One thing I love love love about the holidays is the plethora of food available for my consumption. It's disastrous working at Glam this time of year because we have so many cookies, cupcakes, candy canes laying around at every corner. It's actually a bit absurd how much junk food we consume on a weekly basis, particularly between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yesterday we had a "cookie exchange" party during lunch, and the week before that Emily and I were sent out on a mission by our boss to go find treats and bring them back to the office. (We brought back two boxes of snowflake shaped sugar cookies. They only lasted one day). Despite the crazy amount of sweets being shoved in my face and the numerous holiday parties to attend to, I simply cannot deprive myself of enjoying the best part about this time of year...clearly, its the food.

Last night I got together with a few good friends for a potluck before we all disperse for the holidays. Potluck gatherings are probably one of my favorite things in life. You get to try a variety of home cooking and everyone always brings something unique to the table. Plus, its a great opportunity to bring friends together. Cher, Felicia and I each brought a dish to share over to Laura's place in Noe Valley. We had a killer dinner line-up: goat cheese and bacon stuffed peppers, hummus and cucumber dip, rice pilaf with tomatoes and onion, rice krispie treats and brownies. It was a delicious. Thanks to you all for the great food and even better company ;)

So, my train to the Seasonal Seven has officially taken off and there's no stopping till the new year. Damn you holidaysssss!

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