Wednesday, May 25, 2011

dear earth, calm down please. thanks.

All the crazy lunatic talk of "Judgment Day" and the world ending soon is really starting to get to me. As if the earth is really about to implode and we'll all evaporate into thin air?! I can't help but notice though, how strange and destructive the weather patterns have been so far this year. Some days I can't even walk to my car after work without being blown over by the high winds. Since when has San Francisco become a "windy city?!" I'm not quite sure what's going on. Maybe its the climate change? Global warming? Whatever it is, cut it out please.

One of Derek's friends sent him this picture from their back yard in Oklahoma City this morning. They literally got golf ball sized hail over night. Crazy huh?

P.S.- My heart goes out to all the recent victims and their family's caught in the massive Missouri/Oklahoma tornadoes this past week. bless you all...

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