Tuesday, May 17, 2011

snack attack

One of the perks to working at the Glam office in Brisbane is the endless supply of snacks. Candy, soda, string cheese, crackers, cereal, bagels, cookies, fruit & veggies platters...you name it. I have a serious love/hate relationship with the kitchen here. If ever I have a sweet tooth or need a mid-day snack, I know I can count on the kitchen. On the other hand it's hard to resist. Emily and I face the dilemma that is "the glam kitchen" on a daily basis: Do I eat a bagel this morning? Is this bag of pretzel's absolutely necessary to get me through the day? It's someone's birthday, which means I should participate in the celebration by eating cake. Seriously?! (I have yet to win the epic battle against morning bagels).

 Yesterday I was pleased to find a new addition to the office snack drawer: strawberry fruit roll-ups. I haven't encountered a snack like this since my elementary school days. I was so excited that I proceeded to be a selfish hoarder and snagged a bunch for my desk drawer. Such enthusiasm over fruit roll-ups got Emily and I to brainstorming some of our most missed childhood snacks. When is the last time you've had any of these classics from the 80's/90's?

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