Tuesday, May 3, 2011

a trip to the zoo

The gorgeous and sunny weekend weather prompted Derek and I to go on a little "field trip" to the San Francisco Zoo. It had literally been a decade if not longer since I'd been to the SF Zoo, and I was curious to see if parts of it remained recognizable to me after so many years. Obviously a lot has changed since the 80's. This field trip was yet another reminder of how old I've become (sigh)! At least the animals looked the same. And Derek was really excited about the bird exhibits...

Chimpanzees eating lunch.
Just a lonely Polar bear and his keg

Derek laughing at the keg in the polar bear exhibit.
Beware of the Black Swan
Not quite sure what animal he's trying to be.
Penguin city- the happiest place on earth!
Aww little guy
The 2nd deadliest creature in the world. He was definitely a bully.
I love Lemurs
Baby Koala!


  1. Enjoying the blog but couldn't help but notice

    "Chimpanzee's eating lunch."

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