Wednesday, May 4, 2011

it's officially spring

I can't even begin to explain how long I've been waiting for winter to finally be over. 2011 marks the beginning of my fourth year living in the city, and I still cannot bear the cold winter weather here. I know I'm a wimp and I don't care. I honestly cannot fathom living in a city like Chicago or Minneapolis where people's eye balls and saliva freeze over from the wind chill 8 months out of the year. That sounds absolutely miserable to me. I'm 100% a warm-weather girl and nothing will ever change that!

On account of it being nice out (and who wants to sit on the couch indoors on a rare 85 degree day?! know who you are), I decided to take a walk from my apartment in Noe Valley over to the Marina to check out Opening Day on the Bay. I stopped along the way to take pictures, visit the Divisadero Farmers Market and window shop. If only every day in San Francisco could look as beautiful as it did on this day. Luckily, it's only going to get better! ;)

Cherry blossoms on Diamond street (my house is the 4th one down)

Walkway at the top of 22nd street. Lovin the pretty flowers all around

Divis/Grove street Farmers Market
Hundreds of boats on the Bay for Opening Day

View of the Exploratorium and Golden Gate Bridge from the roof
Jenna on her amazing apartment rooftop. Awesome views!

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