Thursday, May 5, 2011

chalkboard masterpieces

Lately I've been obsessing over chalkboard home decor. Ever since I bought my big green armoire at the Alameda Antique Faire, I've been yearning to find some sort of framed chalkboard I could mount to the front door. It'd be perfect for writing little reminders or notes. I love that such a practical item can be easily turned into something so beautiful and decorative.

photo credit: cassie's blog

 Framed Chalkboard, 20” x 20,” $52;

photo credit: bethany's blog

 Chalkboard Glassware, $3-14; 

I love these chalk note jars and glassware. If you're ever throwing a party you could use these to write your name on, or label the wine (or whatever the glassware contains). Now that's smart drinking!

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