Friday, May 13, 2011

my dream yard

Having grown up in the burbs and moved to the city, I've begun to realize how much I miss having a big back yard. As a child I used to play in our back yard tree house with my sisters, swing in the hammock and hula hoop on the grass. We didn't have a swimming pool but the yard was large enough to lay out a slip n slide or inflatable pool. I have so many fond memories of that back yard. When visiting these days I tend to just lay out in sun chairs, read and relax. (I avoid laying on the grass nowadays due to the undisclosed location of Wyatt's feces). A backyard is something most people sacrifice in order to live in the city, and although I'm happy with my spot I can't help but miss having that private enclosed exterior.

One of these days when I finally do purchase a house, I'm going to make sure the back yard is my greatest achievement. I may never be able to afford such luxuries, but these are some of my favorite and most inspiring backyards:

photo credits: home and gardening, luxury-ideas, baslee troutman

photo credit: catalog living
photo credit: exotic excess
photo credits: kcpro landscape, yard surfer, house to design

photo credit: houzz
photo credits: inspire home magazine, houzz

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